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>I would like to compile a list of functional foods/food components that influen
>ce the immune system. your help and input (e.g., reference to a recent article
>or other specific information) will be appreciated. The immunomodulatory effect
> could be broadly classified into (1) direct and high impact and (2) indirect a
>nd low impact. While the literature exists to this end, the significance of....
> immunomodulation in preventing or treating human diseases needs to be critical
>ly examined.

I have not looked up this topic for years but for quite a while there
have been copious studies done on the various effects of coenzyme
CoQ10 (ubiquinone).   In addition to a broad range of significant
immunological benefits this important nutrient has been shown to
benefit essential hypertension and cardiac funtion in humans.   Since
this work has been around awhile, if you use index medicus to search
you will have to set the time range as far back as it goes (which is
probably NOT enough!   As best as I can remember  it only goes back to
about 1980 anyway.

Some interesting articles from my files:

FROM:  1977 Elsevier /North-Holland Biomedical Press
Biomedical and CLinical Aspects of Coenzyme Q
K. Folkers and Y. Yamamura editors:

Coenzyme Q in Experimental infections and neoplasia    
Study of Coenzyme Q10 in Essential Hypertension
Actually just about every article in the book is worth reading!

I have more but they're loaned out right now.

If one had to single out one nutrient as the most important for the
immune system I think CoQ10 would get the vote hands down.

Jim Barron
Chapel Hill NC
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PS  I would be very interested in seeing your list when you get it
finished.   Although the nutritional approach has been greatly
undervalued in Western medicine (even by those specializing in the
treatment of malabsorption, amazingly enough!)  I have personally
found it to be by far the most effective approach.

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