Formaldehyde as a fixitive in vaccines

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Mon Aug 19 06:45:22 EST 1996

bcb56 at Bridges) wrote:
> From a medline abstract
> Enhancement of protective immune responses to Venezuelan equine
> encephalitis (VEE) virus with microencapsulated vaccine.
> Arthors: Greenway TE; Eldridge JH; Ludwig G; Sta
> as JK; Smith JF; Gilley RM; Michalek 
> Department of Microbiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 35294,
> USA.
> Formaldehyde is used as a fixative in a vaccine and enhances the
> antibody response to the vaccine.  Other fixatives are also indicated
> as increasing the responsiveness to the vaccine.
> With that in mind is it possible for formaldehyde and other reactive
> chemicals to bind with other substances in the air and cause a immune
> response to those substances?  
> Would there be any significant difference in the effect of substances
> inhaled and absorbed into the blood stream and those given by
> vaccination?
> Betty Bridges, RN

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