New approach in Asthma research and treatment

NISCSJ niscsj at
Tue Aug 20 23:10:16 EST 1996

Based on clinical experiences of my family in long-term follow-up and
treating of more than 400 patients with severe Asthma during a period of
more than 20 years we are confident that we have found a cure for majority
of the patients with Asthma by targeting to the underlying cause of the
disease. ( The contemporary therapy of Asthma is concentrated mostly in
symptoms rather than underlying problems). We can provide the much more
effective treatment for both critical episodes and the disease as the
whole by using some Natural Supplements which are availble world-wide.
Moreover we have our own explaination of the mode of action of these
supplement as well as the cause of Asthma. 
We would be appreciated if you would help us in furthering development of
above mentioned approach( We are interested in scientific aspects and
benefit for the patients and would be please to do everything without
economic interest.).

Our fax is (408)7296993  Dr. Ba Xuan Hoang MD, PhD. 

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