Chemical sensititazation

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>Subject: Chemical sensititazation
>Date: 31 Jul 1996 10:30:14 GMT
>Reactive Airway Disfunction Syndrome or Occupational Asthma might be a
>diagnosis except that the other symptoms do not fit that profile.
>There are often complaints of neurological symptoms such as dizziness,
>weakness, and difficulty in thinking.  Muscular and joint aches much
>like flu symptoms may be another manifestation.
>Does anyone have any ideas on the pathophysiology of this?
>Betty Bridges, RN
Hi Betty and others;

	To add to Bettys' discussion, Reactive Airway Disfunction Syndrome, can also lead on to
the brittle bone disease, and before that breakdown of the lung capacity leading  to pulmonary
emphysema, this advancing to osteoporosis.

	The most distressing part of these diseases are that the persons effected, loose their total
red blood cell numbers, owing to the lack of the mature numbers being produced in the long
bones. This leads to anaemia that can reduce life span unnecessary, with the added risk of
fracture of these long bones or hips.

	These diseases are created owing to the autoimmune disease when antibodies destroy
the intrinsic factor and the parietal cells, creating the development of anaemia related diseases.

		Dr Brian E Goble PhD
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