Eczema sufferers have relief in sight. I suffered long & hard; after Yale, I'm great!

FINWIZ CWahab at
Wed Aug 28 08:47:05 EST 1996

According to Dr. Braverman, Yale University, eczema sufferers are very
likely allergic to lanolin.  Lanolin, extracted from wool, is
found in many moisterizers and soaps such as:  Eucerin, Nivea,
Lubriderm, Suave, Jergens, Swiss Formula, Dermasil and Keri.  Unaware,
many dermatologists routinely recommend Keri, Eucerin and Lubriderm for
eczema.  If I had only known better, I would have saved myself over ten
years of miserable suffering. 

Here's what one should do to get fixed.  Breaking the cycle of
inflammation is the key here.  When eczema is very inflamed, the patient
should sit in a bathtub just about 1 inch full of lukewarm water.  Then,
take a SHEET (not towel) and wet it in the bath.  Squeeze out the water
and lay the sheet over the inflammation.  Evaporation of water breaks
down inflammation.  Repeat:  Evaporation breaks down inflammation.  Cold
showers and cold baths won't do the trick. Soak for 20-30 minutes
(rewetting the sheet every 10 minutes).  Apply topical cortisone
followed by a moisterizer--make sure lanolin is not in the cortisone or
moisterizer.  Do this routine three times a day.  Relief is immediate;
within 24 hours my horrible inflammation was reduced by 75%. Within 48
hours, I recovered.  How's that for a miracle?  The physicians who saw
me through this dropped their jaws.  By the way, Theraplex is an
over-the-counter moisterizer that is great.

Prednisone 4 times didn't reduce my inflammation.  I was up to 20
benedryl a day with no relief.  It feels like hives on sunburn.   Also,
allergy shots make this condition worse; be spared.  Further, food is at
the bottom of the list of suspects that aggravate eczema.  Good new for

There are many, many eczema sufferers around the world. Help spread the
news to them to avoid anything that has lanolin in it and to lounge
around in a wet sheet to reduce inflammation.  Let's wipe out needless
torment where ever we can.

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