Conference regarding immunotherapy of malignancies - November 1996 - conf.ann [1/1]

Evgeny S Pobegalov thorax at
Thu Aug 29 09:30:30 EST 1996

                       Dear colleagues!
     I'd like to inform you about the scientific-practical conference on 
surgical treatment and immune-correcting therapy of malignant tumours 
which will take place in November in St.Petersburg, Russia. Problems of
diagnosis, surgery, immunotherapy in cancer and other malignancies are to 
be discussed. Leading specialists from St.Petersburg, Moscow and regional
centres of Russia and the former Soviet Union are expected to participate.
It depends on you if our conference will be really international!
     For more information simply e-mail the phrase "Tell about conference" 
to thorax at, and I'll be glad to present you a full text of
our information.
                  With best regards,
                  Evgeny S.Pobegalov, 
                  St.Petersburg Medical Academy of postgraduate education,
                  department of thoracic surgery, 
                  Conference Organizing Committee Member

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