staining for lymph nodes

David B Paul dpaul at
Thu Aug 29 14:49:11 EST 1996

I remember being taught as a graduate student that one could find lymph nodes 
in a rat (or mouse, or.....) by injecting India ink or any of a number of vital
dyes, then waiting for the carbon (or dye) to get concentrated in the lymph 
nodes.  Unfortunately, I can't find a protocol for this.  Does anyone know 
where I could find such a protocol?

Right now I'm planning on using this just to develop the surgical technique for
lymph node isolation from rats (so far I've discovered they're _really_tiny_
and tough for a novice such as myself to find, that's why I want to use the
stain).  However, would it be possible to actually use this staining technique 
in my experiment?  Specifically, is there a dye I could use that would help me
visualize the lymph nodes of a rat following immunization (thereby making them
easier to isolate) yet not interfere with the functional studies of the lymph
node lymphocytes?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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