?TSH receptor, human, recombinant, supplier?

James Stiehr jstiehr at bioreagents.com
Mon Dec 2 09:52:43 EST 1996

Larry Winger wrote:
> Anybody with any info on where we can get some of this material, please
> drop us a line, and let us know, many thanks.

Sorry we can't help you out with the recombinant protein, but we will 
soon be introducing new monoclonals to TSH Receptor.  For more 
information, please keep an eye oin our web site 
(http://www.bioreagents.com/affinity) or call at any of the numbers 

James Stiehr
Affinity BioReagents, Inc.
jstiehr at bioreagents.com
303-278-2424 (Fax)

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