Transgenic T-cell receptor mice

Volker Blaschke vblasch at gwdg.de
Tue Dec 3 07:39:34 EST 1996

Dear fellow netters,

I wonder if someone could answer this question that came to me AFTER 
hearing a talk on peripheral tolerance:

What kind of T-cell receptor to T-cell receptor transgenic mice express 
on their T-cells? I figured the single T-cell should express both 
receptors, the indigenous and the transgenic, but I wonder if there is a 
kind of bilateral exclusion so that only one kind of receptor is 
expressed and therefore there would be a subpopulation of T-cells 
expressing the transgenic receptor. Does anyone know to what percentage 
this subpopulation can build up to?

Thanks in advance for any input!


Dr. Volker Blaschke
Depts. of Biochemistry, Dermatology
Georg-August-University, Goettingen, Germany
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