increase and decrease-platelets

Tom Vink tvink at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 5 07:46:31 EST 1996

gislindm at supernet.ab.ca (Gislind Moehrle) wrote:


>I have a friend who is having problems with his platelet count.
>It can range anywhere from 3000 to 150000 within 1 week.
>Earlier this year he had his spleen removed in the hope that this
>would correct the problem. It helped for a while but now he is 
>experiencing this fluctuation again. He is currently on 80 mg of Prednison
>has no allergies and has usually been in good health.
>If anyone has heard of this disorder or has any ideas on treatment please
>e-mail me. gislindm at supernet.ab.ca

What are the clinical symptoms? Bleeding tendencie ?  You should check
for his vWF (von Willebrand factor). This could be a type of von
Willebrand disease type IIB. This is caused by a mutant von willebrand
factor which spontaneously binds to and aggregates platelets, causing
their  removal from the  circulation. Under conditions were the vWF is
released from the endothelial cells you experience low platelet
counts, under normal conditions normal platelet counts.

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