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Antoine VEKRIS vekris at u-bordeaux2.fr
Thu Dec 5 06:42:43 EST 1996

Searching for material and/or collaboration

Keywords: cell targeting, gene transfer, membrane antigen, extracellular
domain, monoclonal antibody, scfv

I am developing strategies for the targeting of DNA carrying vehicles to
particular cell populations. since the field of application should be
finally the gene therapy of cystic fibrosis, for the feasibility studies
I am interested by any commonly used cell lines.

The aim is to dispose a couple of target/targeting peptide (target :
extracellular domain of a membrane antigen, targeting peptide for phage

Many variants may be interesting for the planned assays :
* small peptides or scfvs will be the first choice as they are easy to
handle. A collaboration scheme is to be considered if the provider is
* murin MoAb for which the hybridoma is available will be the second
choice. In that case the scfv will be constructed and returned to the
provider of the hybridoma following a period of 8 months.

The specificity of interaction of the targeting peptide is an important
parameter as cell lines lacking the target should be used as negative

I will be happy to study your propositions

Best regards

Antoine VEKRIS
Molecular pathology and gene therapy laboratory
University of Bordeaux II
146, rue Leo Saignat
FR-33076 Bordeaux Cedex

Phone : +33 5 57 57 13 73; fax : +33 5 56 98 33 48, e-mail :
vekris at u-bordeaux2.fr

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