HELP re HIV receptors on T cells

dizzy efoss092 at uwsp.edu
Sun Dec 15 15:13:53 EST 1996

Postmaster wrote:
> Essay to be written entitled "Which receptors are
> involved in the uptake of HIV particles into
> human T cells. How can these be of use medically"
>   All information on the receptors involved welcomed.

Resent research has found a coreceptor called fusin (CCC-CKR5)which is
needed in addition to CD-4 for HIV-1 viral coat fusion with the plasma
membrane of T-cells.  Note some long term non-progressors have a mutant
fusin coreceptor which inhibits fusion.  

I can't remember the exact dates but check late 95 and 96 issues of
Lancet and Science.

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