HIV unique promoters enhancers?

Brian Foley btf at t10.lanl.gov
Wed Dec 18 11:58:35 EST 1996

David Law wrote:
> Does the HIV viruse have any unique (not present in the Human 
> Genome) promoters, enhancers etc..? If so what are they and 
> how important are they to the viruses replication, 
> integration etc..?

	Until the complete genome of homo sapiens is
sequenced, we will not know.  Even then, the same DNA sequence
in the human genome and the HIV genome may not have the same
function in both.
	There are some structures in the HIV genome, such as 
the TAR element, which are unlikely to appear in the human 
> Are there any sites where I could download scientific papers 
> on this and other related subjects?

	Perhpas you could get a few from the 'net.  But
a university library would be a MUCH better source.  You
can get abstracts and titles from the 'net, but not
whole articles.

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