Need Help Purifying NK and T cells

Dave Peritt peritt at mail.med.upenn.edu
Thu Dec 19 08:25:37 EST 1996

In article <32b82f60.515759 at news.pacbell.net> Robert Do,
rob_kell at pacbell.net writes:
>I'm an undergraduate student working on a migration assay that
>requires the use of relatively pure NK and T cells.  The source of
>these cells will be from human peripheral blood.  If anyone has
>experience with purifying these cells, please post or email me with
>sugesstions or articles I can look up. 

There are many ways to purify these cells.  The method you choose depends
on the amount you need, the purity you need and the amount of money you
have.  These techniques are based on either positive or negative
selection.  They usually utilize specific Abs which are then bound to a
substrate that removes these cells.

magnetic beads
Flow cytometric sorting

The current protocols has a good description of most of these techniques.

good luck

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