Dick Haugland probes at TELEPORT.COM
Wed Dec 25 12:50:23 EST 1996

BCECF AM is intrinsically nonfluorescent until it is cleaved by
intracellular esterases to BCECF, which is a green fluorescent
fluorescein derivative.  The 5-6 negative charges on BCECF cause it to
be retained in cells that have intact membranes for up to a few hours.

On the other part of your question:  I presume that the cells would be
loaded with BCECF AM (about 30 min with 1 micromolar reagent), washed
and then comixed with the other cells.

You can find an extensive bibliography on BCECF AM (cat #B-1150) at
Molecular Probes' Web site (http://www.probes.com.

Dick Haugland
Molecular Probes

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