Risk from live vaccines??

Walter Hoeksma YD03 at MUSIC.FERRIS.EDU
Thu Feb 1 14:15:22 EST 1996

>A question for clinical immunologists and pediatricians,
> Regarding the oral polio vaccine. I understand that OPV
>being a live attenuated vaccine, has resulted in occasional cases of
>polio in unimmunized contacts of immunized kids. Are there any formal
>recommendations in the US for vaccination of such contacts( like
>parents, or day care workers who change diapers)?                      t

In the USA a non immunized adult receiving the polio vaccine series is
recommended to receive the Salk inactivated vaccine as opposed to the
Saban live attenuated vaccine.As you correctly point out the reported
cases of paralytic polio in the USA are typically vaccine associated.
Fortunately there are usually fewer than 10 of these reported each year.

Best wishes, Walt

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