Risk from live vaccines??

D. Venkataraman deepav at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 1 12:31:57 EST 1996

A question for clinical immunologists and pediatricians,

 Regarding the oral polio vaccine. I understand that OPV 
being a live attenuated vaccine, has resulted in occasional cases of 
polio in unimmunized contacts of immunized kids. Are there any formal 
recommendations in the US for vaccination of such contacts( like 
parents, or day care workers who change diapers)? An unimmunized contact 
I know, was advised against handling the immunized baby. Is this advice 
warranted? If so, how long is the virus excreted in the faeces (& hence, 
caution is required)? 

P.S.: I come from India where a large majority of presently immunized 
kids with unimmunized parents exist. I have not heard such advice being 
given by healthcare workers even once, myself being a healthcare 
professional( am no longer a clinician). Is this a big mistake or not? 
Either reply on this newsgroup or email me at deepav at u.washington.edu

Thanks in advance.


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