histology help !!!

Kalpit A. Vora K_Vora at lac.jci.tju.edu
Thu Feb 1 14:38:25 EST 1996

Dear fellow immunologist,
I have a problem with my cryosections, they fall off during subsequent
steps of staining and washing. I would appreciate any suggestion in this
Essentially what I do is as follows.
I cut my sections (5-6 micron) thick and let them air dry. Then I fix them
in ice cold acetone for 10 mins. Again air dry and store them at -70 till
further use. For staining these sections I get them out of -70 and let
them warm to room temp. and then rehydrate in PBS. I have used both the +
charged slides as well as polyL Lysine coated slides. I would greatly
appreciate any suggestions in this regard. You could e-mail me at the
following adress  kvora at hendrix.jci.tju.edu
Thanking you in advance,
Yours sincerely,
Kalpit A Vora,
Postdoctoral fellow,
Kimmel cancer center,
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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