Immunology to Fight Cancers?

HDomeHiker hdomehiker at
Thu Feb 1 21:04:28 EST 1996

Just to add my two cents in; I echo R. Hardy's point-SCID mice do develop
thymomas at a higher than usual frequency that non-SCID congenic [BALB and
C.B-17].  Another point it that most murine tumors are virally induced
[unlike in man] and the mice are [hopefully] not being exposed to the
enviromental pollutants most people see for 50-60 years.  On the other
hand, SCID-beige double mutant mice [defective T, B and NK] are no more
susceptible to tumors than SCIDs are--is it because they live in a
controlled environment?  That's my guess, but it's not worth much.
Gary Gilmore

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