Looking for Ab to LFA-1 in high-avidity state.

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Hey there,

	Hogg and Landis in "Adhesion molecules in cell interactions"
Current Opinion in Immunology '93, 5:383-390, say:

	"It is known that mAb 24 binds to an epitope on the three
	alpha-subunits of the beta2 integrin family in a Mg2+
	-sensitive manner and is a 'reporter' of their activation
	state (ref 53)."

Ref. 53 is:

	Dransfield I, Cabanas C, Craig A, Hogg N: Divalent Cation
	Regulation of the Function of the Leukocyte Integrin
	LFA-1. J. Cell. Biol. 1992, 116:219-226

And by the by, if you hear of others, would you mind passing on the info?



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Wuxiong  Cao <wc7h at galen.med.Virginia.EDU> wrote:
>I understand that the traditional way to measure the affinity of LFA-1 to 
>ICAM-1 is counting the number of cells bound to ICAM-1 plates.  But could 
>anyone in the net tell me if there is an Ab specific only for the high (or
>low) affinity LFA-1?  If there is an Ab like that, where can I find it?
>Please send e-mail to wc7h at virginia.edu
>Thank you very much.
>Wuxiong Cao

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