To all UK Immunologists.

Adrienne Morgan Adrienne at
Sat Feb 3 12:26:26 EST 1996

Do you use the Internet a lot?

Can you help me by answering some questions?

I am doing an article on UK Immunologist’s use of the net for the
Journal of the Association of Learned & Professional Society
Publishers and this is by way of research!!

Do you use email a lot?  Is it useful?

Do you use the Web?  If so what is your opinion of it’s usefulness

What web sites do you visit and are they useful?

Do you have a WWW home page?  If so can I have the address

How many visits does the home page get?  Is it a good way of
disseminating information?

What do you think about electronic publishing?

Do you use any on line journals at the moment?  Nature? Immunology

Thanks ever so for your help. 

Lots of Love


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