CYTOKINE secretion - assay or PCR?

alena at alena at
Mon Feb 5 16:21:07 EST 1996

I am kind of new in the field of immunology and have more experience in 
cloning. Part of my new project aims the quantitation of cytokine production 
by T cells. I was wondering what the easiest way is to do this. Is 
Quantitative PCR the best and reliable way to do this? Or does this type of 
PCR take a lot of time to optimize or is it just not possible to do? Or can 
one best do cytokine assays (like the CTLL-2 assay for IL-2 determination?

Everyone who has experience in this area could really be of help to me! So 
please respond, thanks in advance!

Anne Lenaerts (belgium)
Department of Biochemistry
Laboratory of Immunology
South Africa


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