anti-HA mAb hybridoma 12CA5

Joseph Tumang jrtumang at
Mon Feb 5 22:54:29 EST 1996

jrtumang at (Joseph Tumang) wrote:

>To all those who perform westerns and in-situ staining of
>hemagglutinin-tagged proteins:


>My sad story begins when I was given the responsibilty of thawing the
>last vial of our precious 12CA5 hybridoma (mouse anti-HA peptide).
>Little did I know that this vial had already undergone numerous
>freeze-thaws during it's trip from MIT to New York. Little suprise
>when it did not grow after two weeks in culture.

>(Pathetic begging and pleading mode on)

>We desperately need to obtain this hybridoma again. If anyone out
>there can provide or knows of the person/s to contact to get this
>precious comodity please e-mail me. Most of our expression constructs
>and the like employ this tag and this mAb is our primary means of
>detection. We will provide Fed-ex account number and many a heart-felt

>I reiterate, please, please, please.

>(begging mode off)

>Thank you,

>Joseph Tumang

OH yeah, e-mail address is jrtumang at

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