CYTOKINE secretion - assay or PCR?

Bronwyn Venus venusb
Wed Feb 7 18:53:18 EST 1996

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996 alena at wrote:

> I am kind of new in the field of immunology and have more experience in 
> cloning. Part of my new project aims the quantitation of cytokine production 
> by T cells. I was wondering what the easiest way is to do this. Is 
> Quantitative PCR the best and reliable way to do this? Or does this type of 
> PCR take a lot of time to optimize or is it just not possible to do? Or can 
> one best do cytokine assays (like the CTLL-2 assay for IL-2 determination?
> Everyone who has experience in this area could really be of help to me! So 
> please respond, thanks in advance!
> Anne Lenaerts (belgium)
> Department of Biochemistry
> Laboratory of Immunology
> Pretoria
> South Africa
Dear Anne
I have developed ELISA protocols to determine cytokine production.
Commercial assays are available, and save heaps of time.
I am using sheep cells, so must develope these things myself.
Good luck.
Let me now if you need help

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