intracellular cytokine labelling

Cees de Heer c.deheer at
Thu Feb 8 11:10:16 EST 1996

We are working on a protocol for intracellular labeling of IL4 and 
IFN-gamma in mouse lymphocytes for flow cytometric analysis. Thus far we 
stimulated the cells with phytohaemagglutinin (PHA, 50 ug/ml) for 5 
hours. Unfortunately, we were not able to detect any cytokine production 
using the standard staining protocol of Jung et al. (1993). We do see 
blast formation and IL2R expression of our cells.
Does anyone know whether the stimulation protocol we use results in 
expression of IL4 and IFN-gamma? If not, what would be a better way to 
stimulate our cells?

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