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> We are getting complaints about considerable amounts of non-immunological stuff
> on this bulletin board. We would like to continue without the necessity of
> appointing a moderator. So PLEASE only post here if your topic is relevent.
> I append below the original Charter of Bionet.immunology.
>                                    Sincerely, Don Forsdyke
>                                               Discussion Leader
I agree entirely with this sentiment and would like to point out to anyone
who is reading this plea that they should pay close attention to the
newsgroup field and avoid unescessary cross posting. Please delete from
the header all newsgroups that are not relevant.
The problem at the moment is arising because many people are replying to
posts in other newsgroups which have cross posts to here. I guess that
many of these people unfortunately won't be subscribers to this group
and so won't see this request :-(

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