CYTOKINE secretion - assay or PCR?

Scott Orencole Orencoles at
Fri Feb 9 06:08:52 EST 1996

I agree that immunoassays- more specifically RIAs and/or ELISAs are 
the way to go. You mentioned some of the companies that offer 
products. Let us not forget Endogen!
We're the leader in murine ELISA assay kits. Our product line has 
just expanded with the acquisition of Cytokine Sciences, Inc. whose 
specialty was Rat and Rabbit immunoassays in the form of RIAs. In 
addition, Endogen offers a complete line of ELISAs to measure Human 
Cytokines as well. These kits stand toe to toe with Genzyme and R&D 
if not better!

Scott Orencole
Orencole at

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