EVB-transformed B cell transfection

Bernhard Maier bm3f at dayhoff.med.Virginia.EDU
Sat Feb 10 14:56:27 EST 1996

Here are two papers where we describe EBV transfection and
cloning under selection. Mouse bone marrow macrophages are also
very good supporters of growth. EBV cells grew best when they
had direct contact with the feeder cells. A feeder monolayer
stayed intact for almost 2 weeks when the feeder cells
themselves where made resistant to e.g. Hygromycin.
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8.	Lucchiari, M., Niedermann, G, Leipner, C., Maier, B.,
Eichmann, K. The mouse bone marrow cell line S17 supports
growth at limiting cel l numbers of EBV-transformed human
lymphoblastoid B cell lines. Immunol. Lett., 1994. 40: p.

9.	Lucchiari, M., Niedermann, G., Leipner, C., Meyerhans,
A., Eichmann, K., Maier, B., Human immune response To
HIV-1-Nef. I. CD45RO- T lymphocytes of noninfected donors
contain CTL-precursors at high frequency. Int. Immunol., 1994.

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