Articles on Agranulocytosis out there anyone? Help needed and appreciated!

David I.G. Terner dterner at
Sun Feb 11 13:23:36 EST 1996

If there are any people out there who have any access to articles
dealing with the causation of agranulocytosis as related to the
repeated exposure to Quinine and/or Quinidine, I would be more than
I am in the nidst of an investigation into such a link and am having a
hard time finding any articles as I do not have access to a Lexus/Nexus
search system.

Thanking you very much in advance for any help that you may be able to
offer, I remain,


Dr. Elizabeth Anne Terner, MD

care of dterner at


Also- does anyone have any idea of the Medical School that is best
known for teaching Tropical Medicine in the US (Walter Reed-

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