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Mon Feb 12 12:29:33 EST 1996

>Rich, if you have honestly looked at the statistics on polio
>vaccination in the United States, which say the it is more likely that
>you will contract the disease from the vaccine itself - can you say
>that it is wise to give a child a polio vaccine?

It may be safer now, at this moment in time.  But the more people who take
your stance and forego immunization, the more the risk of contracting
natural polio increases.  Twnty years from now, if we continue not
immunizing, your children as adults will be at much greater risk for
naturaly aquired polio.  Most viral illnesses are more severe when
contracted as adults than as children.  Will your children thank you then?

>While some may take comfort in how much "better" things are today than
>were in the 1950s I am not convinced. The recent appearence of extremely 
>dangerous epidemics, the acceleration of chronic diseases in young and
>alike, the the overall "mood" of our nation does not make me feel any
>today than I felt thrity years ago.

I'm not sure what the "mood of our nation" has to do with vaccination, but
the only reason we have an increase in chronic diseases is because we've
eliminated major classes of acute diseases through vaccination!  If 20-30%
of children didn't survive childhood in the past due to childhood
infections, then they certainly weren't around to have chronic illnesses.

> However, it is a very good sign to me that 
>books on "taking Prozac" play second fiddle today to books by authors
such as 
>Deepak Chopra who are teaching us that good health is available to all of
>through good health practices - not by injecting our newbornes with all
>of substances or by living of powerful and harmful drugs.

Sorry, but vaccination *is* good health practice.  There is an excellent
article in Western Journal of Medicine regarding the recent measles
epidemic in southern California.  The statistics show a great
predomincance of cases in unvaccinated hispanic groups, unvaccinated
either because of recent immigration, poor access to health care, or
anti-vaccine propoganda, it doesn't matter which.  The fact remains that
the sites of epidemic occurred where there was a lower rate of
vaccination, and the greater prevalence of unvaccinated children put
vaccinated children at greater risk.  


Dean Lee

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