Comment on EMF as a source of chronic diseases

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Tue Feb 13 20:47:09 EST 1996

 In message No. 6266, Frank Eldredge [at bime at] made some com-
ments (about vaccination) to which I would like to respond.  Here are his
comments (without quotation marks, except where *he* put them):

  . . the acceleration of chronic diseases in young and old alike . . .
  does not make me feel any "safer" today than I felt [30] years ago.

  . . it is "susceptibility" that exposes us to diseases . . .

 I highlight these comments of his because I myself have been looking at the
health effects of so-called nonionizing electromagnetic fields on people--
and, for that matter, on mammals generally.  I refer now to fields that are
encountered as part of our "normal" environment--that is, in homes and places
of work.  I believe that our electromagnetic environment has changed over the
years, and is now changing at an accelerating pace.  I believe this change is
for the worse.  I believe it is the exposure to these fields that is respon-
sible for much of the chronic disease that people expereince today (although
chemicals in the environment may also play a role, because it appears that
one of the effects of this EMF exposure is to increase our sensitivity to
the chemicals in our environment--leading to syndromes like Multiple Chemi-
cal Sensitivity).
 I think that EMF exposure of the type people are receiving today has as
one of its effects the reduction of the body's ability to fight disease--
in other words, it increases our susceptibility to a whole host of diseases
and so may well be the agent that is responsible for the increase in many
chronic diseases at all ages that Frank Eldredge commented on.
 Vaccination is not going to help protect us against these diseases (unless
it turns out that there is a pathogen involved) because there is no way to
vaccinate a person against a phsycial or chemical agent that is disease-
producing!  Vaccination works only against living things--so far as I am
aware, at any rate!
 This posting may not belong here.  But it is appropriate to point out that
in the performance of experiments, it may be important to pay attention to
the electromagnetic parameters that characterize the conditions of the
experiment, because changing these may change the outcome of the experiment!
I am not aware that this is a factor to which attention has been paid (ex-
cept in a very elementary way, such as controlling the light intensity in
rat cages, or something like that). -- Marjorie
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