Low Immuno-activity in DM

柏原 健一郎 kkashiha-tky at umin.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Mon Feb 19 05:05:38 EST 1996


 I had once submitted here a note on low immuno-activity in DM=Diabetic Meritus
and now resubmitting it with the content revised.
 What is the critical reason of low immuno-activity in DM,I'd like to argue
 My opinion is as follows;

1)High level of ACTH are reserved to lower the blood glucose level of patient,
  which causes lymphocytes' apoptosis.
 *Steroid hormone sometimes causes apoptosis of lymphocytes.

2)Recognition of antigens by lymphocytes and leukocytes are lowered the 
  efficiency because some glucose molecules are attached to the surface 
  molecules of them.

 Either of them may critically have a role on the immuno-suppressive state.
 Does anyone have some counter-examples of these explanations?
 The next question is how to check this idea.
My idea is;

 Try to find the blood level of immune cells.If the numbers are normal,2) is
advantageous,and if the numbers are lower than normal,1) is advantageous.

Of course,this is not a perfect argument at all,but it is very easy method.
It may provide some hint on this immuno-suppression problem.

Kenichiro Kashihara,a medical student at Tokyo Univ. 

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