Problems with secondary antibodies

Markus Wallstein Markus.Wallstein at
Wed Feb 21 13:43:52 EST 1996

I've got problems with the secondary antibodies in some vectastain kits. 
Everything has been OK until I took a new charge of an anti-mouse and an 
anti-rabbit kit. Up to this changes my routinely made controls (omitting 
the primary antibody) have been lovely white. Now I've got a very 
beautiful (but not intended) fiberstain of myelinated fibers on my 
brain-sections. I am working with the tissue of amphibians which is 
fixated with 4% PFA and in a TBS-buffer system and DAB as a chromogen. 
Does anybody remember similar problems and if can she or he tell me what 
reason this strange reaction might have and what I can do? O, sometimes I 
am going to hate all this immunocytohistochemical stuff. 

Thank you everybody in advance


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