Conformational B cell epitopes

Ted Joys mictmj at
Wed Feb 21 11:11:32 EST 1996

I have been using the Geysen pin/peptide technique to define B cell 
epitopes since 1989 and am sick and tired of arrogant reviewers of papers 
and grants pointing out to me that this method is only useful for linear 
epitopes which only account for 20% of possible B cell epitopes. Geysen 
himself has pointed this out !!!
Does anyone know of methods to define conformational epitopes. Of 
particular interest to us is - can you get at a particular region of a 
protein (enzyme, toxin ) which has a measurable function by inhibiting 
that function with monoclonal antibody and then doing what ? . Mutating 
the protein is of limited value as you can never be sure that your 
manipulations do not influence 3-D structure was off from the place you 
have messed with

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