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Thu Feb 22 16:28:14 EST 1996

Stuart Krasnoff wrote:
> I just read an article on nickel allergy in the Feb 1996 Berkeley Wellness
> Newsletter.  I'm curious about these allergies to non-proteinaceous
> materials, Nickel, and organics like formaldehyde, urushiol (poison ivy
> oil).
> I just looked through Biosis for informative abstracts on nickel allergy
> and it looks like simple nickel compounds like nickel sulfate are indeed
> capable of inducing antibody formation.  Can non-peptidal molecules,
> induce antibody formation by themselves?  Don't they have to be complexed
> to some protein or other?  Is this what happens with nickel compounds?
> One abstract refers to an unidenditified "Ni-induced antigen".  Is this
> some presumptive Ni-protein complex.  If so where does the protein
> component come from? Are allergies of this type IGE mediated?  Are
> symptoms histamine-mediated? Can anybody refer to (or summarize) a
> textbook-level model for immunopathogenesis of Nickel allergy.  How about
> for formaldehyde, urushiol?
> Post or email.
> Thanks...Stuart

Stuart, here's a pointer for you.

Jeffrey Smoot
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CS   Servizio di Allergologia, San Gallicano, Italy
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