nickel allergy - Seeking info on Immunopathogenesis??

Pietr Hitzig 0202319473539538 at 109KMS5JC0II
Sat Feb 24 07:03:45 EST 1996

Nickel allergy, I believe, is Th1 driven. Therefore not IgE or histamine 

Dopamine is a Th1 agonist and a Th2 antagonist. Serotonin (5-HT) is a Th1 
antagonist and a Th2 agonist. (See Devoino et al. UI:88285053 and 
Romagnani Ann. Rev. Immunology, 12:227 1994

Clinically, the combo of a DA and 5-HT agonist (FEN/PHEN) can totally 
immunomodulate.  I am getting remission of Sjogren's, SLE, cutaneous 
lupus, psoriasis. Promising clinical responses in HIV, MS, ALS. 

See for further references. Especially RR Brown et 

Tryptophan is crucial to everything. Tyrosine probably too.

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