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The INR News
Recent Progress at Immune Network Research Ltd.
February 22, 1996

Public Listing

Immune Network Research Ltd. (INR) is on the verge of becoming a =

publicly trading company.  On January 10, 1996 the Vancouver Stock =

Exchange (=93VSE=94) approved the Pre-Listing Application document for the =

amalgamation with Bobby Cadillac s Food Corporation.  For the initial =

financing of the Company, Yorkton Securities Inc. has submitted a =

Statement of Material Facts document (=93SMF=94) to the Exchange for their =

review.  Approval of the SMF is imminent, and we expect to be trading =

very soon.

Web Site =

INR announces that the Company has established an Internet World Wide =

Web Site at the Internet address: =  We invite you to connect to =

our new Internet Web site where the Company s background, scientific =

research, and corporate profile, as well as medical information on =

HIV/AIDS, and interactive E-mail response are available.  Our site is =

also linked to comprehensive information on HIV/AIDS.


We have completed production of the monoclonal material and the =

identification of suitable macaque monkeys and have begun =

safety/feasibility trials of our CTB-1 product, a monoclonal antibody =

that appears to block the killing of helper T cells by killer T cells =

which manifests in AIDS patients.  This very important study for INR is =

being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Norman Letvin, one of the =

world s leading experts in animal models of AIDS, at Harvard University.


Under the network theories postulated by Dr. Geoffrey Hoffmann this =

fundamental work may lead to both an AIDS vaccine and a therapeutic.  =

Research on the elimination of HIV-specific T cells is in progress with =

very encouraging preliminary results.  The basic premise that only a =

small proportion of T cells in the blood directly bind to the protein =

that is known as the V3 loop of HIV has been demonstrated in our =

laboratory at the University of British Columbia.  This important result =

fits well with the predictions under the theory that HIV preferentially =

infects and replicates in HIV- specific T4 cells, and that elimination =

of those HIV-specific cells is central to a treatment and a vaccine for =

the disease.

Monoclonal Antibodies Contract

A non-exclusive contract to sell some of INR s monoclonal antibodies was =

recently signed with Serotec Inc., an international distributor of =

research products.  We are pleased to announce that INR s antibodies =

have been included in Serotec s 1996 catalogue, and thus are available =

to scientists in North America and Europe.  The sale of antibodies is =

expected to generate significant revenue for the Company.  In addition, =

scientists from INR obtained a grant from the Industry Research =

Assistance Program (=93IRAP=94) to produce new monoclonal antibodies for =


INR Scientist Receives National Recognition

Dr. Michael D. Grant, Director and Associate Scientist of INR, has been =

appointed to the NHRDP-MRC Biomedical/Clinical AIDS Research Review =

Committee.  This committee reviews and makes recommendations for funding =

of AIDS research grants submitted to the NHRDP or MRC.  This appointment =

recognizes Dr. Grant s contributions to AIDS research, and highlights =

his stature as an expert in the field.  Congratulations!

=0CINR in the Forefront of HIV Research

The isolation of chemicals produced by the immune system that stop the =

growth of HIV was recently announced by scientists in the United States =

and Germany.  Dr. Ana Maria Gomez, President and Senior Scientist of =

INR, was involved in the study of T8 cells that produce these substances =

while working at McMaster University.  Although INR is not directly =

involved in the study of inhibitory T8 cells, the Company s approach to =

the study of HIV is also immunologic.  Dr. Gomez is using expertise =

acquired during four years of studying these inhibitory cells to study =

the role of other populations of T cells in HIV infected individuals.  =

INR s objective is to use its scientists  unique knowledge of the immune =

system to come up with innovative ways to treat and prevent HIV =

infection and AIDS.  The potential for the success of this approach is =

illustrated by the fact that there are individuals who have been =

infected with HIV for more than five years, but show no ill effects from =

their infection.  This means that the immune system can successfully =

control the virus.  This notion is further confirmed by the fact that =

there are also individuals who appear to be resistant to HIV infection, =

including a group of prostitutes from Kenya, who are being studied by an =

international collaborative group headed by Dr. Francis Plummer of the =

University of Manitoba (see below).

Agreement with Dr. Francis Plummer

The Company is expecting to sign an agreement with the international =

collaborative group studying HIV-resistant individuals in Nairobi, =

Kenya.  The group is headed by Dr. Francis Plummer, an infectious =

diseases physician and an internationally recognized expert in HIV/AIDS, =

and includes scientists from the University of Manitoba, University of =

Nairobi, University of Toronto, McMaster University, Oxford University, =

and the US National Institute of Health.  This agreement is a very =

important step for INR, as it will provide the Company with this =

opportunity to study this group of resistant individuals who probably =

hold the key to an effective vaccine against HIV.

Agreement with Dr. George Spitalny

INR has received and signed a letter of intent to enter into an =

agreement with Dr. George Spitalny, a senior biochemist with experience =

in the pharmaceutical industry.  The letter provides for INR, once the =

financing is completed, to enter into a formal agreement for access to =

drug delivery technology with very wide potential application, including =

cancer chemotherapy.  Dr. Spitalny will develop one or more products for =

targeted drug delivery; this means that a therapeutic product could be =

taken through clinical testing and FDA Phase II trials within two years.

For Corporate & Investor Information Please Call:  Mr. Leon Frank =

Anderson or Mr. Bing Jung
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Dr. Ana Maria Gomez, President	Dr. Geoffrey W. Hoffmann
Ms. Catherine Knight, Corporate Secretary	Chief Scientist
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Columbia, Canada  V6S 2L2
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