T-cell vaccination...Any work going on?

Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at cas.org
Mon Feb 26 12:43:25 EST 1996

Jeff Baclaski wrote:
> I would be interested to know what work is being done on T-cell
> vaccination as it relates to multiple sclerosis.
> I am referring to the work that Jingwu Zhang et al. published in 1994-5
> (Cytotechnology: 16:181-187, 1994. and Lancet 1995; 346:807-08)
> Does anyone know what the status of these studies are?
> Is this clinical procedure being investigated at any centers other than
> the center in Belgium?
> Has there been any discussion concerning possible risks of T-cell
> vaccination?
> Replies appreciated,
> Jeff Baclaski

Jeff, here's an additonal pointer.
Jeffrey Smoot
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TI   MHC-restricted depletion of human myelin basic protein-reactive T
     cells by T cell vaccination
AU   Zhang, Jingwu; Medaer, Robert; Stinissen, Piet; Hafler, David; Raus,
CS   L. Willems Inst., Limburgs Univ. Cent., Diepenbeek, B-3590, Belg.
SO   Science (Washington, D. C., 1883-) (1993), 261(5127), 1451-4
DT   Journal
LA   English

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