Automatic Film Developers?

Pierce Chemical Co PierceChem at
Tue Feb 27 17:04:27 EST 1996

Hi!  We are looking for an automatic film developer for X-ray / autoradiography film.
We've been using developer trays, but would like to be able to put our films in one
end and get the developed films, dry and free of streaks, out the other.  Some days
we develop 40 or 50 films, some days none, so we need a machine that can be happy 
sitting by itself with as little maintenance as possible.

If anyone has a film developer that works well for autoradiography film, please reply.
It's not that we mind using the sloshy pan method, but reproducibility and ease of use
is very important to us right now.

Thanks for your help!

Ed Beaty
Research Associate
E-mail: PierceChem at

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