What's happening to my body?

Luca Orlandi luca.orlandi at inferentia.it
Tue Feb 27 08:40:44 EST 1996

Please help me.
I'm trying to understand what's happening to my body:
I've started having a quite strong fever (37.5-38.9 C. ) about 5 weeks
ago. Apparently there are only few other symptoms: swollen lymphatic
glands, sore throat, cough.

I would like to know which kind of virus I’ve got mainly to understand
how long it will take to my antibodies to get rid of it, how long I’m
infective to others, how does the infection occurs, …
Here are the results of the exams I’ve done (I haven’t translated them
into English because I imagine you can better guess the meaning than
me  ):

*S-Ferro	12 mcg/dl
*S-proteina C reattiva	6.90 mg/dl
*S-alfa 1 glicoproteina acida	274 mg/dl
*Sg-VES	76

S-proteine totali	8.0 g/dl
S-Albumina	4.4 g/dl
S-Elettroforesi proteica	proteins increment in acute fase
S-immunoglobuline A	392 mg/dl
S-immunoglobuline G	1680 mg/dl
S-immunoglobuline M	210 mg/dl

Ac.antilegionella	negativo (method immunofluorescenza indiretta)
Ac.anti-Mycoplasma pneumoniae (metohd Elisa) IgM	negativo
Ac.anti-Mycoplasma pneumoniae (metohd Elisa) IgG	negativo

Anticorpi anti EBV EA IgM	<0.1 Negativo D.O
Anticorpi anti EBV EA IgG	<0.1 Negativo D.O
*EBNA	2.70 positivo D.O.
Anticorpi anti HIV1/HIV2	negativo
Test TINE (after 72 hours)	1+

P-Sodio	143 mmol/L
P-potassio	3.9 mmol/L
P-cloruri	98 mmol/L
P-bicarbonati	32 mEq/L
P-glucosio	100 mg/dl
P-urea	40 mg/dl
P-creatina	0.77 mg/dl
P-calcio Tot.	9.5 mg/dl
P-bilirubina tot.	0.57 mg/dl
P-bilirubina dir.	0.30 mg/dl
P-AST	30 V/L
P-ALT	25 V/L
*P-CK	20 V/L
P-CK fraz. MB	3 V/L
P-amilasi	80 V/L
*P-proteine tot.	8.4 g/dl
Sg-Leucociti	7.9 10E9/L
*Sg-Eritrociti	4.51 10E12/L
*Sg-Emoglobulina	13.7 g/dl
*Sg-Ematocrito 40%
Sg-Volume globulare	89.0 fl
Sg-MCH	30.3 pg
Sg-piastrine	381 10E9/L

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