nickel allergy - Seeking info on Immunopathogenesis??

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Tue Feb 27 20:46:14 EST 1996

Pietr Hitzig wrote:

>Clinically, the combo of a DA and 5-HT agonist (FEN/PHEN) can totally 
>immunomodulate.  I am getting remission of Sjogren's, SLE, cutaneous 
>lupus, psoriasis. Promising clinical responses in HIV, MS, ALS. 

Do you have any published, peer-reviewed evidence of this?, 
if you do, it might be easier to 'believe' (because we wouldn't have to
believe, it'd be a fact).  If you don't... well, then it just ain't 
science if you ain't got verifiable proof.
Sorry, when someone claims to be getting promising clinical responses
in things so dissimilar as HIV and lupus or MS with the same drugs,
it sounds like fairy-tales to me.
Don't mind me. I'm just skepticall, awful disease I caught in Medical
Facundo Garcia Bournissen.
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