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Richard Aaron Warnock erawtech at leland.Stanford.EDU
Tue Feb 27 20:10:41 EST 1996

Okay, so I'm tired of the crap that's been posted a zillion times
here, originating as cross-posts from other groups, concerning topics
that are factor infinity from why this newsgroup exists.

Look, the moderator thing is overkill, and unneeded. Just reply to the
people who post the junk, and ask them to stop inappropriate
cross-posting. That's what I'm doing. Each news article that comes
through with 20 groups is getting a personal reply from me asking them
to stop it. I don't think those that are doing it are aware of the
problem here, so I'm letting them know.

What a drag to see the number of interesting (or at least relevant)
posts drop as the number of follow-ups to "Amount of fat in 2% milk"
increase. We can fix it, but you must address those responsible.

Now... on to the worthwhile stuff:

In article <dwilliam.1.00138682 at>, david <dwilliam at>
>does anyone know the benefits or harmful effects of urine
>drinking.  If anyone has any info. or references, let me know.

No, no one does. I suggest you post the results of your study,
especially with regard to immuno-modulation.


"Nothing more is needed to destroy a man, than the conviction that his
life's work is useless."  -Antonin Artaud

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