nickel allergy - Seeking info on Immunopathogenesis??

calman prussin calman_prussin at
Wed Feb 28 12:14:28 EST 1996

Nickle hypersensitivity is a cell mediated (type IV) pnenomenon. I am 
not aware of Abs specific for either Ni or Ni-protein complexes. The 
immunopathology was worked out by Sinigaglia and published around 89-91 
(EJI-maybe?). As I remember Ni complexes to either MHC or self peptide 
(can't remember which) and creates a neoepitope that is recognized by T 
cells. He has actually made Ni specific and Au specific T cell clones. 
It is very cool work.

Interestingly, Ni sensitivity predominates in women, presumably because 
they are exposed to Ni under inflammatory conditions-earrings. 

Calman Prussin
Laboratory of Allergic Disease
sbk1 at (Stuart Krasnoff) wrote:
>I just read an article on nickel allergy in the Feb 1996 Berkeley Wellness
>Newsletter.  I'm curious about these allergies to non-proteinaceous
>materials, Nickel, and organics like formaldehyde, urushiol (oil from
>poison ivy).

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