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Recent advances in the pathogenesis of reactive arthritis
J. Sieper and G. Kingsley

Broken dogma: penetration of autoantibodies into living cells
D. Alarcon-Segovia, A. Ruiz-Arguelles and L. Llorente

TCR usage in human and experimental demyelinating disease
D.A. Hafler, M.G. Saadeh, V.K. Kuchroo, E. Milford and L. Steinman

Genetic diversity of HLA-A2: evolutionary and functional significance
M. Browning and P. Krausa

Bypassing the antigen to control rheumatoid arthritis
P. Miossec, P. Chomarat and J. Dechanet

Immune regulation: a critical link between NK cells and CTLs
F.J. Kos and E.G. Engleman

PI 3-kinase: a pivotal pathway in T-cell activation?
S. Ward, C.H. June and D. Olive

The structure and ligand interactions of CD2: implications for T-cell function
S.J. Davis and P.A. van der Merwe

Engineered antigen-presenting cells for tumor immunotherapy
M. Bellone

The role of RGD in CD23-mediated cell adhesion
K. Moulder

Chemokine receptors and chemokine inducing molecules of lymphocyte
E. Meinl, H. Fickenscher and B. Fleckenstein

The kappa:lambda ratio of immature B cells
Takeda, S., Sonoda, E. and Arakawa, H.

Reply to Takeda et al
Langman, R.E. and Cohn, M.

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