Oxidative Stress

J.S.HEBERT hebertj at orgtx71.med.uth.tmc.edu
Wed Feb 28 09:08:23 EST 1996

Yes your right I was with a group at Washinton University that looked at 
the upregulation of PLA2 due to H2O2 and ultraviolet light.  However, we 
measured this upregulation by looking at the release of Aracidonic Acid  
and the predominent cyclooxygenase product PGE2.  However several other 
fatty acid products such as PGD2, 15-HETE, 12-HETE etc,  were released. We 
never looked at other pathways, but these factors may affect the paths that 
your interested in. The paper can be found under my name or really you 
should look at A.Pentland's work at Washington University (She's a gaint in 
oxidative stress).

Hope it helps....Jason

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