Animals and Blood Types

David James Neece dneece at
Mon Jan 1 00:19:00 EST 1996

Here is a table of animal blood groups transcribed from the notes of an 
Immunogenetics class I took.  Sorry, but I don't have the reference, so 
this data may be outdated:

TABLE 1 -- Approximate number of blood factors (alloantigenic 
determinants) and blood group systems in animals.
                No. of          Appx. no. of
Species         Blood Groups    Blood Factors
---------       ------------    -------------          
Cattle          11              80+
Pigs            15              65+
Sheep            8              30+
Chickens        12              30+
Horses           8              30+
Bison            7              15+
Dogs            11              15+
Turkeys          6              12+
Cats             1               2
Camelidae        1               1

Concerning an earlier post, If I'm thinking of the same journal, "Animal 
Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics" is now simply titled "Animal 
Genetics".  It's a good source for info on domestic animal blood groups 
and MHC.


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