Home for Trans. E.M.

John Cherwonogrodzky jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca
Tue Jan 2 18:39:32 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues:
      I'm at the Defence Research Establishment Suffield (near Medicine 
Hat, Alberta). Due to down-sizing the reality is that we do not have the 
personnel to operate our electron microscopes. We found a good home for our 
S.E.M., and now need one for our Transmission Electron Microscope. We're 
looking for the best possible users (teaching labs?, industrial companies?) 
who would pay for the shipping charges. Specifics are:
     - it is a JEOL 100-CX, purchased in 1978
     - the Goniometer is side entry 
     - it comes with a Haskris water recirculator
    - magnification capability is 750,000
Anyone interested? I'm at "jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca" or (403)544-4705. ..John

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