Animals and Blood Types

Jeffrey Frelinger jfrelin at MED.UNC.EDU
Tue Jan 2 16:51:45 EST 1996

I don't know the MSU guy by Clyde Stormont did a ton of cattle blood group
stuff at UC Davis.
Jeff Frelinger
At 07:45 PM 1/2/96 +0000, Paula Sanch wrote:
>pkmartin at ("Stock up and save. Limit one.") wrote:
>>...  pointers to
>>literature references or books would be appreciated.
>Without doubt, there are other experts, but the only one I've ever met
>was at the Michigan State vet school.  He did extensive research on
>bovine blood groups, but consulted on other species as well.  Now if
>I could just remember his last name . . . (blush)  He headed a large
>project typing bovine bloods in the 1970s.
>If you started looking for antigen groups literature in the 1970s to
>early 80s in the veterinary medical journals, you'd find information,
>I'm quite sure.

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