Problems with Murine IL-2 ELISA

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Wed Jan 3 18:35:25 EST 1996

Problems with murine IL-2 ELISA in experienced immunology lab.  

We are interested in measuring murine IL-2 levels (CTLL2 bioassay will not
be appropriate for our assay) and have been having trouble with the
pharmingen murine IL-2 ELISA.  It works fine with recombinant murine IL-2
but gives us no reading with serum samples from animals that should have
high IL-2  or even from supernatant from Con-A stimulated splenocytes. 
Anyone had success with this assay in measuring non-recombinant murine
IL-2, or have any ideas why it is not working?


George Weiner
University of Iowa
george-weiner at

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