Immunology to Fight Cancers?

Bayu_Prawira bayu at
Thu Jan 4 18:49:49 EST 1996

Hi fellows,

We know that the problem in treating cancers, especially in metastatic cases, 
is closely related to immunology, that is how to recognise cancer cells to 
attack and to save healthy cells. And we know also that the most reliable 
'weapon' for that is our own immune system. 

I have the idea why not trying to challenge the immune system of a cancer 
patient with the cancer cells itself, weakened if necessary, and inject them 
intracutaneously. I expect the immune system will be agitated by the injection 
and start to develop cell-mediated immune reactions and attack the other 
cancer cells in the patient's body.

I'm wondering whether this idea has been tried or not. 


Bayu P. Hie

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